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About us

Skandinavisk Ytförädling AB

You will find the key to profitability and a stronge business with us.  Our specialisations are thermal spraying, repair and maintenance welding, preventive maintenance and cutting and grinding processes.

Our business concept is to help manufacturing industry save money. We do this by repairing damaged and worn parts using efficient and safe methods. On parts which are susceptible to wear we apply quality-enhancing surface coatings as a preventive measure. We also apply surface coatings to achieve special characteristics, such as high friction, low friction, high corrosion resistance, heat-insulating layers, heat-conductive layers, etc.

There is nothing more expensive than parts that have to be scrapped.  Often it is just a few grams of worn-away material which mean that expensive machine parts have to be scrapped. These parts can often be repaired in an efficient and profitable manner and indeed made even better than new original parts. We give worn items a new life.

Many different types of wear occur in manufacturing industry.  When it comes to wear, no two problems are the same. We define the type and cause of the wear and, based on this, select the feedstock and application method which will give maximum service life.

Serious amounts of money are there to be saved!  Quality-enhancing surface coatings adapted to the operating conditions mean that the service life of exposed parts can be increased many times over. Increased service life of a worn part also results in reduced use of spare parts, less work spent on removal and fitting, increased availability of production machines and often better quality too of the products produced. This means that we are increasingly engaged by machinery manufacturers to have exposed wearing parts treated before delivery to their customers, allowing them to deliver a product with longer service life. Watch our information film clip on thermal spraying. Watch it here!

We have the expertise and the resources and we are always up-to-date with the latest technical developments. For welding, we use the best qualified weld metals and methods to enhance and streamline the job. We undertake special welding on steel grades which are difficult to weld, cast iron, bronze alloys, aluminium alloys and combinations of different materials. We perform thermal spraying on most materials and items, both small and large. We have equipment for spraying metals, ceramics and plastics. We select feedstock which is suited to the operating conditions, thereby providing the coated surface with optimum resistance to wear or corrosion. External or internal coating? Round or flat item? It doesn’t matter. We have the equipment needed. We apply the surface coating technology of tomorrow today. We define the type and cause of the wear and, based on this, select the feedstock and application method.

Nothing is too challenging for us, we thrive on having to find new solutions to deal with repair and maintenance problems. Our work involves both long-term commissions and rapid interventions when breakdowns occur.

We work hand-in-hand with the foremost practitioners in the sector, which means that we work with leading manufacturers of materials and equipment for special welding and thermal spraying, as well as having access to the combined applications experience of industry as a whole.

Our quality objective is to be able to deliver products which meet the customer’s requirements in terms of surface characteristics, dimensional accuracy and lead times. We are not ISO 9000 certified but work to our own quality manual, which has been audited and approved by many of our most demanding customers. Many of our spray operators are certified ETS (European Thermal Sprayer) operators, which vouches for the high quality of our coatings.

Our environmental policy is based on approvals from government environmental agencies. Such approvals involve submitting environmental reports on an annual basis and taking samples of the contents of our filters. We also have ISO 14001 environmental certification.